Welcome to NutriCargo's June Ingredient Specials blog! This month, we are delighted to showcase incredible ingredients that have gained immense popularity. Join us as we explore the benefits and creative applications of Aloe Vera Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Lemon Grass Powder, Mucuna Powder, and many more

Aloe vera Powder: Aloe vera, a succulent plant, is native to the Arabian Peninsula but is cultivated in various regions worldwide, including Africa, India, and the Americas. Aloe vera Powder exhibits a pale green hue and a fine texture. With a mild, slightly tangy taste, Aloe vera Powder adds a refreshing twist to beverages, smoothies, and desserts. 

Flaxseed Powder: Flaxseed, also known as linseed, is grown primarily in colder regions of the world, including Canada, Russia, and the United States. Flaxseed Powder boasts a warm brown color and a fine, powdery texture. Derived from the tiny seeds of the flax plant, it is an excellent addition to various recipes. Flaxseed Powder is a nutritional powerhouse.

Lemon Grass Powder: Lemon Grass, also known as citronella grass, is native to tropical regions of Asia, particularly India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Lemon Grass Powder features a vibrant green color and a finely ground texture. True to its name, Lemon Grass Powder offers a citrusy and refreshing flavor, making it a perfect ingredient for teas, soups, curries, and marinades.

Mucuna Powder: Mucuna, also known as velvet bean, is indigenous to tropical regions such as Africa, India, and Central America. Mucuna Powder boasts a rich brown color and a finely ground consistency. Mucuna Powder possesses a slightly nutty and earthy flavor, adding depth to smoothies, protein shakes, and desserts. 

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