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Cauliflower Powders from NutriCargo


Need your cauliflower fix? NutriCargo is the place to go for all your cauliflower powder needs.


Common Name: Cauliflower

Botanical Name: Brassica Oleracea var. Botrytis 

Origin: Asia, Europe

Cauliflower is believed to have originated from the island of Cyprus and from there spread worldwide to become one of the most famous vegetables around.  Cauliflower is often compared to broccoli, but it is normally white although the color may vary.

Cauliflower Nutrients & Applications

For minerals, cauliflower is considered to be a nutritional powerhouse. A serving of cauliflower may contain up to 10% of the daily recommended value of manganese and also 15% of folate.

For vitamins cauliflower is no slouch. Just a a serving of cauliflower may contain up to 51 mg of vitamin C.

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