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Guava Leaf

Guava Leaf

Guava Leaf Powders From NutriCargo

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Common Name: Guava Leaf

Botanical Name: Psidium Guajava

Origin: Central America, Central Asia, South America

Guava leaf comes from the fruit guava, a tropical fruit known for its often pink pulp.  Although eaten by people, guava is also a favorite among birds. Guava leaf has exploded in popularity, expanding from South America and reaching all shores. 

Guava Leaf Nutrients & Applications

Guava leaf has been used for generations as a tea in South American culture. Guava leaf is known for its antioxidant properties, mainly its vitamin C content. Antioxidants are believed to help combat free radicals found in the body. 

Guava leaf is also known to be no slouch against the fruit when it comes to nutrients. Guava leaf is believed to contain nutrients such as B vitamins and tannins, which make it exceptional for topical formulations. 

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