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Oyster Meat Powder

Oyster Meat Powder
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Oyster Meat Powder
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Oyster Meat Powder

Oyster Meat Powder (FRX1074) from NutriCargo 


USA (Origin may vary per lot - Refer to certificate of analysis)

Botanical Name:


Part Used:

Fresh Cooked Oyster Meat

Other Ingredients:


**Due to the nature of natural ingredients, physical attributes may differ from lot to lot (color, taste, etc). Please consult with a representative for more information on current lot. NutriCargo will not accept returns on ingredients compared to lots over 30 days old. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product due to differences in monitors, product batch/lot and etc. Please contact a NutriCargo representative with any questions. We're here to help. 


What is Oyster Meat Powder?


Oysters are a type of mollusc that are found around the world in saltwater marine environments. They typically have curved, calcified shells and are found living together in clumps. Oysters are enjoyed raw and cooked; around the world, they are eaten as a delicacy and are a staple of seafood restaurants. Some oysters are also used as sources for pearls, which develop when grains of dirt act as irritants inside the oyster shell and are slowly calcified. 


Why Oyster Meat Powder?


Let’s face it: oysters are...not for everyone. Raw oysters in particular are an unlikely delicacy; they need to be slurped down, with an unusual and liquidy texture. Oysters are also typically expensive and difficult to prepare. But with NutriCargo’s oyster meat powder, no cracking, steaming, or slurping is necessary. Reap the multiple benefits of oysters without the fuss and cost of store-bought or restaurant seafood. This simple-to-use powder can be shaken into soups or combined with protein shakes for a fast nutritional boost. Plus, NutriCargo’s bulk packaging will allow you to use oyster powder consistently.


  • Packed with protein and healthy omega-3 fats 
  • Excellent source of vitamin B12 and other natural vitamins
  • Full of minerals including zinc, copper, iron, and selenium
  • Easy-to-use powder form for use in shakes, soups and more 


Why Oyster Meat Powder from NutriCargo? 


  • Wholesale pricing on oyster meat powder & all other ingredients.
  • Mix & Match savings, when you buy more you have the chance to save more.
  • Earn NC Rewards Points for each order of oyster meat powder to save even more in the future!
  • Free & Flat-Rate shipping are also available on qualifying orders.*


NutriCargo is your premier supplier of oyster meat powder. Shop confidently knowing you’re getting quality-tested ingredients that are competitively priced and ready to ship world-wide today.


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Product Questions:

What quality documents can you provide?

  • Certificates of Analysis (COA)
  • MSDS
  • Allergen & pesticide statements

What is the difference between powder, 4:1, %, etc?

Whole herbs and extracts are both very different products.

Whole botanicals in some cases contain every part of a botanical including roots or stems while extract contains a specific botanical compound and is measured to a specific amount. 

Extracts come with standards set by potency percentage so your order will always match what was advertised.

NutriCargo Whole Ingredients (do not have % or ration in their name)

A whole ingredient contains the entire botanical, including the roots, stem, flower etc.

NutriCargo Extracts

Extracts contain specific compounds extracted from the botanical. These compounds are denoted by the “%” sign.

Herbal extracts are often “standardized” to contain a certain amount of a compound or active ingredient. Standardization ensures that every batch of a botanical extract contains the same amount of the advertised compound. For example, Acerola 10% may be standardized to 10% vitamin C. Every batch of that product will have at least 10% of that active compound.

NutriCargo Extract Ratios
Ratio extracts are denoted by the ratio in their product name. For example 4:1, 5:1, 10:1 etc.

If it’s a 4:1 extract, for example, that means that four parts of the original plant are going into one part of the final extract, making it a concentrated powder.

Think of it this way: Ratio of dry plant material (X) to final extract quantity(Y).

X : Y

Y = weight of dry plant material

X = weight or volume of extract (depending upon whether the extract is a solid/dry extract or a liquid extract)

The concept here is that the essential activity of the dry plant material (X) is found in the quantity of extract (Y). Or in other words, Y quantity of the extract is equivalent to X quantity of the dry plant.

For example, a botanical ingredient listed as a 4:1 extract means that 4 kg of raw herbs were extracted down to 1 kg of dried powdered extract.

What type of quality control measures does NutriCargo take?

  • The institution of an internal Quality Control Program to ensure that products are free of toxins and undesired by-products.
  • Alliances with science laboratories to enforce rigorous testing procedures.
  • Weekly testing for microbial pathogens and heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury).
  • Microbiological testing (Total Plate count, Yeast & Mold, Coliforms, E. Coli and Salmonella).
  • Random testing of materials' moisture content.
  • HPTLC (High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) testing for initial approval and supply of materials.
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing for powder extracts.
  • Prevention of all sub-potent and contaminated materials from entering the products.
  • Regular testing for proper identification and chemical efficacy.

Special Notes

Product Specifications
Botanical Name Ostrea
Country of Origin USA
Parts Used Fresh Cooked Oyster Meat
Allergens Contains shellfish

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