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Spikenard Root

Spikenard Root

Wholesale Spikenard Root Powder From NutriCargo


What is Spikenard Root?


Spikenard root comes from the plant Aralia Racemosa that belongs to the Araliaceae family. The plant is common in both the eastern United States and Canada. The plant grows mainly in shady areas and can be as much as 2 meters tall. Spikenard leaves are wide with a light green color. The plant also grows small, reddish-brown berries. 


What Is Spikenard Root Known For?


Spikenard root is sometimes referred to as False Sarsaparilla because it is often used as a substitute due to its licorice-like flavor. Spikenard root has been known to be in soups, beverages, and more. Spikenard root may contain a number of natural compounds including tannins and saponins.


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