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Bulk Wholesale Superfoods

Discover The World’s Leading Superfoods Powders And Extracts

Need more nutrition from your foods than what’s regularly available? That’s where superfoods come in. Ecuadorian Rainforest offers several quality-tested superfood ingredients at bulk prices. These superfoods are scoured from around the globe, bringing the benefit of the world’s richest foods all under one roof. 


What Are Superfoods?


These foods have gotten their moniker due to a specific reason: they offer up a wide assortment of nutrients and do it spectacularly. Many foods are known to offer one or two essential nutrients but superfoods, true to their name, offer a bevy of vitamins and minerals making them a special class all by themselves. 


Take, for instance, the acai. This berry looks similar to the blueberry and comes from South American countries such as Peru, Brazil, and more. The key difference, however, is its nutritional profile. Acai is a rich source of vitamin A and calcium. The berry also contains protein and fiber.


Another is acerola. Acerola cherries, hailing from Central and South America, excel in vitamin C content even beating out oranges. In addition, acerola cherries are a good source of iron and vitamin A making it a very well-rounded superfood. 


What Superfoods Does NutriCargo Offer


We offer several choices of superfoods, from those mentioned above to many more found anywhere on the planet. These superfood powders and extracts are third-party tested to ensure quality and are offered at competitive wholesale prices. As a bonus, earn NutriCargo Rewards Points for every purchase of superfoods or any of our fruit, vegetable, spice, herb, and marine ingredients.


To see which superfoods we offer, simply scroll down. 


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